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Community Development and Special Projects is a program designed to help people develop incentives, motivations and awareness towards discovering self-realization and self determination through a well balanced programming of the physical, mental, socio-economic and spiritual development of the youth and the community and to empower them to rise from their present conditions through community effort and individual initiatives to attain justice and development. The program shall be implemented through the following committees and organized groups:

  • Community Development & Special Projects committee
  • District Committees
  • Junior Leaders Council
  • Junior Leaders Club
  • Red Triangle Club

The Red Triangle is a program to develop among the elementary children good habits and right values and prepare them to live as useful and responsible citizens of the country. The following committees and organized groups shall undertake the school work:

  • Elementary School Work Committee
  • Red Triangle Advisory Council
  • Red Triangle Junior Leaders
  • Red Triangle Club

Hi-Y is a program designed to develop high school students for active community participation and leadership, and to harness high school teachers and administrators as club advisers in order to attain its objective and goals. Hi-Y program is aimed to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. In order that High School Work will be effectively realized, it shall be supported by the following committees and organized groups:

  • High School Work Committee
  • Hi-Y Advisory Council
  • Hi-Y Supreme Council
  • Hi-Y Club

College Y is a program concerned with the proper development of college students particularly in the field of Christian democratic leadership. All activities are geared toward the preparation of youth for competent and responsible citizenship. All program of activities are effected with the assistance of the following committee and organized groups.

  • College Work Committee
  • College Student ‘Y‘ Council
  • College ‘Y‘ Club
  • Manila YMCA Youth Corps
  • Manila YMCA Scholars Organization

Adult work is designed to awaken adult member‘s awareness to community needs and enable them to continue youthful activities. At the same time provide them with avenue to assist activities for greater and well meaningful participation among the members. The program for adult members is carried out through the different interest and service clubs:

  • Adult Work and P.E. Committee
  • Sports and Recreational Council
  • Y‘s Men‘s Club
  • Various Sports Clubs

The Physical Education Work is designed to promote among the youth development and maintenance of health and fitness. This program shall be undertaken through the Physical Education Committee and such other committees and groups that may be organized.

Hostel Service: The YMCA hostel widely known as ‘‘Your home away from home‘‘ aims to provide a safe and secured lodging for its many members and guests.

A YMCA membership makes you part of one of the largest fellowships in the world. You become a member of one of the largest and oldest youth movement.

YMCAs in over 122 countries work daily for world unity, understanding and peace. It works for social change, addressing the root causes of issues and problems faced by the people in addition to recreation, sports and educational activities. Your membership makes you a vital part of this effort. It makes you a part of shaping the future.

Membership is open to all person regardless of age, sex, race, color or religion who are of good moral character and who subscribe to the purposes of the Association.


ElementaryPhp 50.00

(6-12 years old)

High SchoolPhp 75.00

(13-17 years old)

CollegePhp 100.00

(18-20 years old)

AdultPhp 200.00

(21 years old & above)

FamilyPhp 600.00

(husband & wife w/ children below 18 yrs. Old)


RegularPhp 500.00

ContributingPhp 600.00

SustainingPhp 1,000.00

Life MembershipPhp 10,000.00

YMCA of Manila Hostel
350 A. Villegas St. Ermita, Manila

Third Floor AIRCON

Single/Double Occupancy 800.00
YMCA Member (S/DO) P 700.00
Pull-Out Bed P 200.00/person
Fourth Floor (All Aircon) Member Non-Member
Single/Double Occupancy P 1,000.00 P 1,200.00
Pull-Out Bed        200.00/person
Check-in time: 2:00 p.m.
Check-out time: 12:00 noon
Conference Room - 60 pax
First 3-hours P 2,000.00
Additional P    300.00/hour
Borad Room - 20 pax

First 3-hours P 1,500.00
Additional P    250.00/hour

> Overhead Projector P 100.00/use
> VCD Player 100.00/use
> Karaoke 100.00/use
*All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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