YMCA of Manila, Inc.
350 A Villegas St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila| (02)528-0559

Areas of Services

1. Community Development and Special Project

Community Development and Special program is designed to help people develop incentives, motivations and awareness towards discovering self-realization and self-determination through a well-balanced programming of the physical, mental, socio-economic and spiritual development of the youth and the community and to empower them to rise from their present conditions through community effort and individual initiatives to attain justice and development. The program shall be implemented through the following committees and organized groups:

  • Community Development & Special Projects committee
  • Affiliated Community Preschool Centers
  • Community Preschool Teachers
2. Elementary School Work

The Red Triangle is a program to develop among the elementary children good habits and right values and prepare them to live as useful and responsible citizens of the country. The following committees and organized groups shall undertake the elementary school work.

  • Elementary School Work Committee
  • Red Triangle Club Advisory Council
  • Red Triangle Club Junior Leaders
  • Red Triangle Club
  • Y-Kids Club Advisory Council
  • Y-Kids Club

3. High School Work

Hi-Y is a program designed to develop high school students to active community participation and leadership, and to harness high school teachers and administrators as club advisers in order to attain its objective and goals. Hi-Y program is aimed to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. In order that High School Work will be effectively realized, it shall be supported by the following committees and organized groups.

  • High School Work Committee
  • Hi-Y Advisory Council
  • Hi-Y supreme Council
  • Hi-Y Club

4. College Work

College Y is a program concerned with the proper development of college students particularly in the field of Christian democratic leadership. All activities are geared toward the preparation of youth for competent and responsible citizenship through the development of right concepts and through the promotion of activities which serve as workshops for the development of the individual in the community. All programs of activities are affected with the assistance of the following committee and organized groups.

  • College Work Committee
  • College ‘Y’ Club Advisory Council
  • College Student ‘Y’ Club Council
  • College ‘Y’ Club

6. Scholarship

A Financial assistance given to deserving active members who ar incoming Grade 6, Grade 12 and Freshmen College with good academic standing. A different prigram are also designes for them developing their holistic Christian characteristic

  • Scholarship Committee
  • Manila YMCA Scholars Organization

6. Adult Work & Physical Education

It is designed to awaken adult members awareness to community needs and enable them to continue youthful activities. At the same time provide them with avenue to assist activities for greater and well meaningful participation among the members. The program for adult members is carried out through the different interest and service clubs.

  • Gold Triangle Club
  • Sportsfest Programs
7. Hostel

The hostel widely known as “your home away from home” is part of the numerous services the YMCA of Manila to its members..

8. Membership Development

Conduct studies and research criteria for standards, privileges and responsibilities of various types of membership. It establishes criteria for quality membership and provides training and lay leadership development seminars for members to immerse in the Association.