YMCA of Manila, Inc.
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YMCA of Manila, Inc.

YMCA of Manila

YMCA of Manila is a non- government, non- stock, non- profit, civic, voluntary, educational and ecumenical association supported by voluntary contributions and income derived from its program and assets which shall be actually, directly and exclusively used for the attainment of its objectives.

The association is intended primarily to serve the welfare of the youth and as such, every opportunity shall be given the youth to participate and assume leadership in the affairs of the association. The enduring purposes of the association shall be:

To develop well balanced Christian personality, mission in life and usefulness of individuals, as well as to promote unity among Christians and understanding among people of all faiths;

To promote on equal basis the physical, mental, social and spiritual welfare of the youth and to emphasize reverence to God, social discipline, responsibility for the common good, respect for human dignity and the observance of the Golden Rule.


"YMCA of Manila is the leading civic organization in the Philippines
with committed men and women of integrity and dedication
serving the youth"


YMCA of Manila develops the youth’s mind, body and spirit
to become Christ-Centered leaders


                                                                                                 C – CHRIST-LIKE
                                                                                                 U – UPRIGHTNESS
                                                                                                 C – COMPASSION
                                                                                                 S – SERVICE